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529 plans help families save for college. The name "529" refers to Section 529 of the IRS tax code, which gives these plans special tax breaks to encourage saving.

There's no doubt your children or grandchildren will benefit from higher education. Studies show that a college degree is worth nearly a million dollars in lifetime earnings. College tuition is an investment in their future.

  • Two ways to save. The Pennsylvania 529 College Savings Program offers two savings plans. The PA 529 Guaranteed Savings Plan (GSP) is a lower-risk plan that helps your savings keep pace with rising tuition. The PA 529Investment Plan (IP) lets you choose from 13 investment options from The Vanguard Group. Compare plans.

  • Easy to set up and easy to use. You can use the money to pay for college, many technical and career schools, and qualified expenses. There are no income limits, and anyone can contribute. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and family friends can all help your student pay for college.

The Pennsylvania Student Aid Guide includes a complete overview of the financial aid process with information on most of Pennsylvania's financial aid programs and services. You may qualify for free money, like grants and scholarships, or work-study programs that allow you to earn money to help cover your education costs. And, if you need additional help paying for your education, there are loans available for both students and parents.

Education Planner makes it easy for parents to understand college costs, the admissions process, and student aid as your child transitions from high school, to college, to the "real" world.

Making decisions about colleges and careers can seem overwhelming, especially when you are young. If you are feeling unprepared, know that you are not alone. Education Planner is here to help.

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